From The Beginning

What began as an Action Plan for a uni module to design a Compostable T Shirt soon became a reality and driving passion to smash the formula of fast fashion.





Often we buy products or clothing that claim to be better, more sustainable, greener than it’s competitor. So what is a GREEN product in a world shaped by needing more and faster ? We wanted our product & waste to be circular. By simply composting it. 


There is so much confusion and misleading information about TRUTH in our products we wanted to prove by evidence testing, by wearing, by living day to day through our product. 



A product that lives with us and serves a longevity purpose, breaking down at the end of it’s life, reducing the impact the product has on the environment. At the same time making us happy. We wanted to build a garment designed to improve the emotional needs of PEOPLE.

We don’t design on trend, we design so people feel good that they are part of the solution. 


 A T-SHIRT made with people, animals and the environment at the brains of the design to compost and break down back into the dirt where it’s journey once began.