The Journey


The breakdown is simple….

For me it’s all about less is more, truth and anti consumerism. We need to buy less, The things we buy need to be built to last with the environment and people at the source of  innovation and design. We need to be bigger thinkers and create a better future together.


A circular economy.

It makes complete sense to me. If everyone who had a great business idea was responsible for a circulr business model developing products & systems that the entire cycle of their business products people in their business products developed through their business we would have a more advanced world with the concept that anything is possible.

I asked myself this question... "If I make a T shirt how do people and the environment benefit from this great idea."  TRUTH a basic cotton T shirt is an environmental disaster so they don’t…  So why would I make it ? I would just become part of the problem not the solution.

Knowing what I know about cotton and polyester that there are other fibres far more superior than cotton. In my research I found Hemp. Through testing, wearing and composting I found a way to make a T shirt that is not full of harmful chemicals on our skin and will breakdown back into our environment. The journey will continue to push innovation boundaries and keep searching for the truth in the product. The product will provide the solution...